Greener Pastures
Book: Errata

Greener Pastures:
The Renner and Kopp Family Histories
written by Charlotte Renner Locklear
Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon
September 2018

As soon as this book was out in the world, I knew I’d learn about the errors that escaped several proofreadings by both Eileen and me. I am grateful to those who pointed these errors out to me. I consider it a compliment that they gave my efforts a close and considerate read.

The corrections are in bold.

1.   p. 129 in the Richard Eugene section: “Richard married Clara 1947. They bought … north of Richardton in 1948.
2.   p. 281: Theodore Neidhardt died on January 6, 2003. Some of the early editions are incorrect.
3.   Somewhere in the early Renner text, I stated incorrectly that the Renner farm was comprised of 2000 acres. I don’t know why that number seemed accurate to me, but I was wrong. My brother Jim said that the largest it had ever been was “1280 acres minus an 80 acre survey correction. After John and Agnes (Kersich) bought 40 acres the remainder was 1,160. That is what we inherited when Dad died.” (Email of October 12, 2018.) I took great pains to make this book as accurate as I possibly could, but this fact I assumed. Well, we know what happens when we do that. Mea maxima culpa.
4.   p. 53. Last paragraph on that page, add a J to the fragment “ust.”  This error occurred in the formatting before sending the manuscript to KDP. I didn’t catch it in the proof.
5.   p. 191: The first two lines of the caption for the four pictures of Assumption Abbey: please correct the spelling of that “m” word to monastery. Twice! Good grief! Another mea culpa.
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