Greener Pastures
  Photo of cover: Eileen Zahakos
  Cover design: Monika Borkovic
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Greener Pastures:
The Renner and Kopp Family Histories
written by Charlotte Renner Locklear
Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon
September 2018

Meet my German Russian relatives.  Perhaps we are related?

Get acquainted with Friedrich Kopp and his wife Catherina, who were the first of the Kopp clan to emigrate from Germany to Russia. Get to know their grandson John Kopp the wagon maker and his wife Caroline who were early pioneers to North Dakota.

Meet Johann Martin Renner, the first of my father’s family to leave Germany for Russia and his great grandson Pius Renner, who brought my direct Renner ancestry to Dunn County, North Dakota.

Discover my mysterious grandmother Monica Renner. Become acquainted with my legendary pioneer grandfather and state legislator Pius Kopp.

Have the pleasure of meeting my many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Visit my hometown, Richardton, North Dakota. Come on out to the Renner farm.

You’ll be happy you spent some time with Rosemary and Leo Renner, my wonderful parents. They invite you to visit their farm in the 1950’s.

Come on. You’ll be glad you did.

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