Charlotte Renner Locklear
  Charlotte Renner Locklear
  Photo: Christina Prieto,
Hot Shots Photography
About the Author

I was raised on a farm in southwestern North Dakota. My parents were both German Russian; their grandparents were early pioneers to the Richardton area.

After one year of college, I escaped to the big city of Denver. There I worked, had fun, and eventually met and married my sweetie Lynn. Soon after the arrival of our son Cary, we moved to Baltimore.

What a culture shock for this western girl!

It probably took me 20 years to put down Maryland roots. But Maryland has been good to me. I finished my BS in Education, received a Masters and then a Masters Equivalency, taught High School English for 31 years, wrote or edited a weekly newspaper column for a Maryland State delegate for 20 years, sang in our church choir and in a community chorale, and formed many good friendships.

Now with our working life behind us, Lynn and I are free to do what we want. We have traveled all over the United States and parts of Europe.
Cary and his wife, Lisa, their sons Daniel and Benjamin live close by.

Life is good.

But, I’m still that farm girl at heart. I love Maryland’s beautiful beaches, mountains, Baltimore’s city life, but the big sky and rolling prairie of North Dakota, the song of the meadowlark call me back again and again.

My license plate says Maryland, but my heart is still registered in North Dakota.

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